First Bank Financial Centre Supports Mel’s Charities

Date Posted: January 17, 2017

First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC) has recently committed to being the financial sponsor for four events hosted by Mel’s Charities in 2017.

Mel’s Charities, founded in 1999, supports non-profit organizations with money raising events and other funding. As the clearinghouse of philanthropy, Mel’s Charities is the vehicle by which individuals, corporations and institutions can pool and invest their gifts for the long-term benefit of Ozaukee County residents.

Tom Stanton, Executive Director for Mel’s Charities, stated, “We are very grateful for the strong support from First Bank Financial Centre. As the financial sponsor for Mel’s Night at Kapco Park, Melapalozza, the Pig Scramble and the Christmas Parade in 2017, FBFC helps cover our costs and allows us to provide more funding to impact people in need. We not only appreciate the financial support, but we are also grateful for the outstanding FBFC employees who volunteer at the events.”

FBFC is proud to support Mel’s Charities and everything they represent.  “Tom is an amazing leader and his enthusiasm for giving back in Ozaukee County is contagious.  With Tom, and Mel’s Charities, it’s about growing in the number of events, growing in number of volunteers, and growing in the dollars donated to local charities.  I feel so lucky to partner with and support a group that understands the very essence of humanity by how they approach their fundraising efforts and by the organizations they support”, said Jenny DeCeuster, FBFC Grafton Branch Manager.

Kris Barger, FBFC’s Mequon Branch Manager, stated, “FBFC makes it a priority to give back to the communities we serve. Partnering with Mel’s is a great way to support many non-profits in Ozaukee County and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.”

To learn more about Mel’s Charities or one of these wonderful events please visit,

Pictured in Photo (left to right): Kris Barger, FBFC Mequon Branch Manager, Tom Stanton, Executive Director for Mel’s Charities and Jenny DeCeuster, FBFC Grafton Branch Manager