Earn More Through Mutual Respect


You know the dishes at the diner check-out that say "Have a penny, give a penny, need a penny, take a penny"? It's simplest definition boils down to mutual respect and benefit, much like FBFC and our mission to make lives better. We are a strong, local bank, supporting the communities we serve because you, our customers, support us. As a thank you for your support, we'd like to give you a penny. Actually, 30,000 of them, plus the opportunity to earn some extra pennies with a great rate!

If you're looking for a relatively short-term savings option, open a 15-month CD/IRA and receive this great rate.**


OR - open any qualifying checking account and receive a $300 cash reward.*


Need us to sweeten the pot even more? As an added bonus, if you open BOTH a qualifying checking account AND a 15-month CD/IRA, we'll give you an extra $100!


Have questions? Want to start earning your bonus? Please visit one of our convenient locations today.

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This flyer must be presented at time of account opening. This offer applies to new consumer checking and new consumer certificate of deposit account special(s) that must be opened on the same day with new money not currently on deposit at First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC). Maximum incentive credit of $400. Payout of $300 will be applied to qualifying new checking accounts (*) when eligibility parameters are met. To receive additional incentive payout of $100, a new 15 month Certificate of Deposit Account (CD) or 15 month Individual Retirement Account (IRA) special (**) must be opened at the same time as the checking account. The total accumulated cash reward will be deposited into the checking account within 135 days of account opening. *Qualifying Checking Account Activity: Within 120 days of account opening, two (2) out of the following three (3) options must be met and posted to the account: 1) Three (3) of the following deposit types to post in at least three (3) consecutive months; payroll, government or pension benefits (in a single amount not less than $250 each) using either direct deposit, mobile deposit or in-branch deposit. Online transfers (for example ACH transfers or PayPal transactions) and cash transactions are excluded. 2) Twenty-five (25) signature based; not pin based or pin-less debit, debit card transactions ($5 minimum purchase each). 3) Six (6) FBFC online bill pay transactions (excluding personal payments, minimum $25 each). If any owner or signer on the account has previously been an owner or signer on a different FBFC consumer checking account within the past three (3) years, FBFC reserves the right to deny this incentive. Accounts with an FBFC employee as primary owner and Student Checking accounts are not eligible. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. If the new account becomes overdrawn within the first 135 days, FBFC reserves the right to deny this incentive. If the checking account is closed by the customer or FBFC within 12 months after account opening, FBFC reserves the right to deny the incentive or deduct the cash reward for that account at closing. **Qualifying CD/IRA Account Activity: A 15 month CD/IRA term must be opened with new money, not currently on deposit at FBFC. Offer applicable to consumers only. Business and Municipal money is not accepted. Stated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of 7/5/2018. $2,500 minimum to open CD/IRA to receive stated APYs. Maximum new money deposit of $250,000. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal from CD/IRA account may result in penalty. Fees may reduce earnings. At maturity, 15-month CD/IRA renews into a standard 24-month term. IRA Disclosure: You may make one (1) deposit per calendar year to this IRA account, up to $10,000 maximum. Withdrawals from IRA products before age 59 1/2 may be subject to additional taxes and penalties; consult your tax advisor regarding the tax implications. Certain retirement accounts are insured by the FDIC separately from non-retirement funds you may have on deposit with FBFC. Not all customers will qualify for the products and services offered. FBFC will honor one (1) offer per household (physical, residential address). Applicable to consumer accounts and Wisconsin residents only. The value of this offer may be reported to recipient as income. FBFC reserves the right to change or discontinue the offer at any time. Offers begin 7/5/18.