Cash Management

Managing your business is time consuming, so let First Bank Financial Centre do some of the work for you.  Automatically debit your authorized customer's accounts, schedule payments to vendors, and accept credit card payments:

ACH Blocks & Filters

Add protection to all of your accounts with ACH Blocks & Filters.


ACH Origination

Schedule payments to your vendors and trading partners via ACH.

ACH Receipt

Your customers authorize your company to debit their account for payment; eliminating the need for them to write a check, and for you to receive and process the check for deposit.


Express Deposit

Say goodbye to deposit slips.  Now you can deposit checks electronically from your desktop.

Investment Sweep Account

Put your surplus cash to work with an Investment Sweep Account.


Merchant Services

Accept credit card payments to attract more customers.

Positive Pay

Stop fraudulent activity before it starts with Positive Pay.


If you have questions, or for more information, please contact:

Gary L. Sherwin
Vice President - Cash Management
(262) 560-2073

     Carrie Wendorf
     Cash Management Coordinator
     (262) 354-6020