Positive Pay

These days it feels like we need a super hero crime fighter to keep our information safe. It just so happens we have a super hero crime fighting product called Positive Pay! You can stop fraudulent check activity before it starts.

It's Easy:

Send FBFC a list of issued checks for your company (list must contain check number, date of issue and the dollar amount of each check). When the checks are presented for payment, FBFC will compare them to the information you've already submitted, and will alert you of any exceptions.

Why use Positive Pay:
  • It can significantly reduce the risk of check fraud by detecting counterfeit checks, items with duplicate check numbers, voided checks presented for payment, altered check amounts, and stolen checks
  • Check image integration allows you to view images of each check exception
  • Notifications of exceptions are provided daily, giving you the choice to pay or return before your account is affected
  • The management system is tied right to your online banking

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