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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Designed for businesses with a small number of users (3 or fewer) and that do not require the ability to limit users' capabilities Designed for businesses with a larger number of users (3 or more) and/or that require the ability to limit users' capabilities* Designed for businesses with a larger number of users (3 or more) and/or that require the ability to limit users' capabilities*
View transactions including posted deposits, paid checks, incoming and outgoing ACH transfers and wire transfers, credit line advances, and check images. Access current and past account statements.
Yes Yes Yes
Initiate stop payment orders on checks online. Check
on the status of previously placed stop payments.
No Yes Yes
BASIC INTERNAL FUNDS MANAGEMENT: Make transfers between like-named accounts. Yes Yes Yes
Make transfers between different businesses you own as well as your personal accounts. Business line of credit draws and paydowns can be done online, all with only one sign-on and password to remember.
No Yes Yes
Originate domestic and international wires online right from your office. We can create repetitive wire transfer templates for you to make sending recurring wires quicker and more accurately!
No No Yes
With eBusiness ACH, submit outgoing electronic ACH files such as payroll or accounts payable payments. Originate incoming electronic ACH files to collect recurring customer payments such as club memberships, lawn care/snow plowing services or periodic donations/contributions.
No No Yes
Utilize eBusiness ACH to originate federal and state tax payments electronically and under your control.
No No Yes

For any additional questions or more information, please contact:

Gary L. Sherwin
Vice President - Cash Management
(262) 560-2073
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Carrie Wendorf
Cash Management Coordinator
(262) 560-6020
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Morgan Dornfeldt
Relationship Banker
(262) 560-6365
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* Robust security features

Business Online Banking-Commercial and Business Online Banking-Commercial Plus were designed for businesses with multiple users. Fully customizable by you, it gives you complete control over which employees have access to specific accounts and features. Your onsite administrator has the ability to make certain changes and to delete users if you desire. State-of-the-art security tokens with passwords that change every 30 seconds are also issued to businesses that use certain Business Online Banking features.