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What You Should Know About Credit

What is credit? Why does it matter? And how do you find out if yours is good or needs improvement? These are all really good questions to ask as your credit helps different companies determine whether or not they will lend to you. Poor credit may affect everything from credit cards, car loans and apartment rentals, to school loans, and buying your own home.

Your credit-worthiness is determined by your credit score; a 3 digit number calculated by five different categories of information in your credit report, including:

Business Line of Credit

As a business owner, you may sometimes need help funding short-term working capital needs. This is a great opportunity to be introduced to, and to consider, a business line of credit. You’ll draw only the amount you need from your credit line and pay interest only on the amount you draw.

The type of business line you may be eligible for varies from business to business. And in most cases, the size of the line of credit is based on the amount of inventory and accounts receivable your business has. *Accounts receivable represents your sales made which have not yet been paid for.

7 Tips on Building and Maintaining Good Credit

Good Credit is the key to a solid financial future. When establishing financial fitness goals it’s easier to build a credit score than to repair a bad one.

Having a good credit history is key to any financial plan. Credit scores take into consideration years of past behavior, so it’s important to establish a history of responsible credit practices and build your score by maintaining good habits.

Here are 7 tips to help build and maintain good credit.

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There are so many credit cards out there. How do I choose the right one?

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores play an important role in creating your financial profile, and in securing your ability to get loans at favorable rates. Here are some tips to help you understand and manage your score:

Repairing Your Credit Rating

Sometimes, due to layoffs, business failures, miscalculations or even fraud, some people's credit ratings can fall. They may miss payments, the major credit rating agencies take note of this, and it goes on their records -- typically for seven years.

Getting Rid of Overdraft Fees

Every year consumers pay billions of dollars in overdraft fees. If you have contributed to this number, it would probably be worth your while to spend some time getting your day to day finances under control.  And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort.

Here are five tips on how to take control of your accounts and avoid paying any more of your hard-earned money to overdraft fees.