Directors and Officers

Board of Directors
  • Robert Snyder, Chairman  Snyder and Ek, S.C
  • Charles J. Folkman Jr., Vice Chairman   L.F. George, Inc. 
  • Maureen Stapleton   Stapleton Realty and Appraisal 
  • James P. Siepmann   Siepmann Realty Corporation 
  • Craig S. Schiefelbein   Observation Tower, LLC 
  • Mark W. Mohr   First Bank Financial Centre 
  • Mark T. McCune   First Bank Financial Centre 
  • Monica Stern   Village of Grafton 
  • Larry Tomsyck    Ernst & Young, LLC (retired)
  • Pat Hammer  Rogers Behavioral Health System
Executive Management Team
  • Mark W. Mohr   President, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Mark T. McCune   Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer 
  • Nate Zastrow   Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer 
Key Contacts
  • Derek Berube  West Brookfield and East Brookfield, Branch Manager 
  • Cheri Schadeberg   Germantown, Branch Manager 
  • Gus Straub   Glendale, Branch Manager  
  • Jenny DeCeuster   Grafton, Branch Manager 
  • Christa Gavin   Hartford, Branch Manager 
  • Joe Glomski   Hartland, Branch Manager 
  • Mary Wedor   Menomonee Falls, Branch Manager 
  • Kris Barger   Mequon & Milwaukee, Branch Manager 
  • Wendy Quaden   Oconomowoc - Brown Street, Branch Manager 
  • Sally Schoenborn   Oconomowoc - Summit Avenue, Branch Manager 
  • Marisa Baublitz   Oconomowoc - W. Wisconsin Avenue, Branch Manager 
  • Jackie Burtard   West Bend, Branch Manager 
  • Ann Knutson   Senior Vice President, Human Resources Director 
  • Dave Sutton   Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Banking 
  • Jeff McCarthy    Vice President, Marketing Director 
  • Craig Kouba   Senior Vice President, Retail Lending
  • Jeff Langkamp  Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer